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    Melissa Merencillo

    Aspiring Creative Technologist and XR Enthusiast also known as “Mouse”


Melissa Merencillo is an aspiring Creative Technologist and X Reality (AR/VR/MR) enthusiast located in the San Francisco Bay Area focusing on interaction design, social presence, behavioral communication and experiential learning in digital reality systems and technology. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from California State University East Bay (2012) and a Master of Arts in Multimedia with a concentration in Interaction Design also from California State University East Bay (2017). Her work as Project/Product Manager, Unity Developer and Video Producer on the collaborative thesis, Project: This Way!, explored the concepts of copresence and cross-reality communication in VR by developing a local, social two-player interactive VR experience where only one VR headset is needed. Project: This Way! was shown and demoed in its early stages of development at the VR Mixer of the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco, CA and in its final iteration at Maker Faire Bay Area in San Mateo, CA and the symposium, If You Weren't: Playing with Realities in ARG, AR, and VR held at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. Before Melissa studied video production and multimedia, she was a soldier in the US Army National Guard & Reserve from 2005-2013 as a Medical Laboratory Specialist.

Now, Melissa has been providing 20-minute talks of her knowledge and personal experiences with VR, AR, and haptic technology for the Leonardo Art and Science Evening Rendezvous events (LASER Talks), which is an "international program that bring artists and scientists together for informal presentations and conversation with an audience." She has presented her talk, "Where We are in XR," at the University of San Francisco, UC Berkeley, and Stanford University. Melissa was previously employed full-time as the Instructional Support Technician II & Video Lab Coordinator of the Department of Communication at California State University East Bay where she supported video production courses and managed the budget and operations of their studio sound stage with green screen and soundproof rooms where she worked with students to create, record, edit, publish and stream digital media. She is now an Associate Producer at Twitter HQ in San Francisco, CA for Live Video supporting premium client broadcasts through Twitter and the Periscope app. www.twitter.com/TwitterLive


Curriculum Vitae

MA Multimedia (Interaction Design), Cal State East Bay, 2017
BA Communication (Mass Communication), Cal State East Bay, 2012
AS Health Sciences Clinical Laboratory, US Army/George Washington University, 2007

2017 .    Maker Faire Bay Area, San Mateo Event Center, San Mateo, CA
              No Song Unsung, The Laundry SF, San Francisco, CA 
              Space-Time Continuum Event Horizon, Studio 23, Alameda, CA
              GDC VR Mixer, TempleSF, San Francisco, CA 

2018 .    Women in AR/VR: Mixer, Lightning Talks, and VR Demos, San Francisco, CA

2017 .    Leonardo Art and Science Evening Rendezvous, Stanford University, CA
              Graduate Forum, Multimedia Graduate Program (Prof. Ian Pollock), Cal State East Bay, CA
              Game Design Methods, Art Practice (Prof. Greg Niemeyer), UC Berkeley, CA
              Senior Project Course, Department of Communication (Dr. Mary Cardaras), Cal State East Bay, CA
              Leonardo Art and Science Evening Rendezvous, UC Berkeley, CA
              Leonardo Art and Science Evening Rendezvous, University of San Francisco, CA
              If You Weren’t: Playing with Realities in ARG, AR and VR, Stanford University, CA

2017 .  Oculus Rift + Touch VR Guide for SAVA Social Happy Hour, San Francisco, CA
            HTC Vive VR Guide for Virtual Reality Elevated SF by Grassfed and the Art of Edibles
            Installation Manager for artist Rhonda Holberton at SANCTUARY, SFDW Opening Reception, Pier 27, CA
            Kinect 3D Body Scanning for “C-Dive” by Ben Hawklyn, After Dark Showcase, Cal State East Bay, CA
            VR Exhibitor Assistant for VRGO Chair, Silicon Valley VR Expo, San Jose, CA
            VR Human Pong Assistant for Modal VR, Worlds Fair Nano, San Francisco, CA
            Education Intern, Children’s Creativity Museum, San Francisco, CA

2017 .   Center for Student Research Scholar’s Program, Cal State East Bay, CA



Projects & Events

  • LASER Talk at Stanford, 12-14-17

    “WHERE WE ARE IN XR” (presentation updated as of 12/14/2017) Watch My Periscope video: Periscope Broadcast at Stanford University Duration: 24 min 11 secs Watch @LaserTalks Periscope Video: https://www.periscope.tv/w/1ZkKzddvvrgJv Dura…
  • Amélie AR in Paris

    Software for AR: Unity3D & VuForia Hardware: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Music: Yann Tiersen – J’y Suis Jamais Alle (Amélie Soundtrack) 3D Models: Unity Asset Store I made image-based AR apps to recreate scenes from my favorite French fil…
  • LASER Talk at USF, 7-11-17

      “WHERE WE ARE IN XR” (AR/VR technology within the last 12 months) Watch Video: https://media.usfca.edu/Watch/m8HAb97Y Duration: 19 min 28 secs Abstract: I will share first-hand experiences with the evolving technology of AR/VR h…
  • Scanning for “C-Dive” by Ben Hawklyn

    Using Skanect and a Microsoft Kinect V1 for Ben Hawklyn’s “C-Dive” to scan model Corinne Titmus for the “After Dark” showcase at California State University East Bay, 2017.
  • EastBay Today Article, 6-5-2017

    “Where Science and Art Collide” California State University East Bay’s Master of Arts Multimedia Exhibition, June 8 EastBay Today: Featuring projects from the Class of 2017 graduates, this year’s annual event includes three exhibi…
  • “No Song Unsung” at LaundrySF

    I participated in a group show, “No Song Unsung” held at the LaundrySF on April 15, 2017, where the “Fountains” video is used as background for an interactive piece created with Processing and a Microsoft Kinect sensor. The u…
  • Fountains

    The Bellagio Water Fountains have always been a favorite of mine. I actually enjoy watching the shows with noise-cancelling headphones sometimes as well, just to see the water move. Of course, with the added music, seeing them dance in choreo is just…
  • Project: This Way! (A locally, social two-player VR experiment)

      Project: This Way! A multiplayer cross reality VR experience to emphasize communication between the real world and the virtual world. In this local, social cross-reality VR experience, one player in the real world, using a companion app, wi…
  • Audience Participatory Light Painting

    I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer with my friend Julie Goldsmith at the Night Light: Multimedia Garden Party at the SOMArts Cultural Center in 2012. Julie and I were set up in a backstage area where it was completely dark to provide LED li…
  • Custom CentriPro Rig

    I created a homemade rig that uses the CentriPro technique. Once built, adjust FPS to 120 and spin the rig around oneself to record and create the “Bullet Time” effect on a budget. – wooden hanger – fishing line – selfi…
  • Ultra Sonar Shower Head

      Clare Huang & Melissa Merencillo – Arduino Yun – Solenoid Valve – Ultra Sonic Sensor This was a team project for rapid prototyping. I worked with Clare Huang to make a distance activated shower head to help save water. We…
  • Koh Phangan (Raw Video)

    Hardware: GoPro, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Software: Adobe Premiere
  • Iceland Interactive Video Map

    An interactive video map created in p5.js from my trip to Iceland in 2015. As the mouse moves over points of interest, a video from that exact location will play. If you’d like to try the map yourself, please go to: melissamerencillo.com/mouse/…
  • Japan Video Series

    Hardware: GoPro, HTC ONE M8, Canon T4i DSLR Software: Adobe Premiere
  • Nickname Origin

    Hardware: T4i Canon DSLR Software: Adobe Premiere, AfterEffects, Illustrator



    AR/VR demos and reviews, WIPs and Tech Tests, Thoughts, Experiences


BIG SCREEN (Social VR Computing Experience)

BIG SCREEN (Social VR Computing Experience)

I am highly interested in social VR and our new relationships with the way we use technology to connect and share with each other. While …

Facebook Spaces (Social VR Media Sharing)

Facebook Spaces (Social VR Media Sharing)

~(,, ,,’> Some silly Facetiming with my brother through Facebook Spaces while also going Live on Facebook simultaneously. I can’t wait until more people get …

Projection Mapping with AE (WIP)

Projection Mapping with AE (WIP)

Experimenting with AfterEffects to create some projection mapping in mom’s formal living room. #aftereffects #projectionmapping #adobe #projection A post shared by Melissa Merencillo (@seemouserun) on …

AR with Archer?! (Instagram Video Post)

AR with Archer?! (Instagram Video Post)

What is AR? For those that haven’t played with #augmentedreality , you can download the #Archer PI app and scan images from the show to …

Speaking at the LASER Talks at USF (July 11, 2017)

Speaking at the LASER Talks at USF (July 11, 2017)

On July 11, I gave a 20-min talk of my first-hand experiences and knowledge with the evolving technology of AR/VR hardware and software at the …

Flex Sensor – Arduino – Unity (WIP)

Flex Sensor – Arduino – Unity (WIP)

WORK IN PROGRESS – Using a flex sensor with Arduino and Unity to bring finger interactions into the virtual environment. Goal is to create a …

VR Human Pong @ World’s Fair Nano SF

VR Human Pong @ World’s Fair Nano SF

At the World’s Fair Nano SF, I volunteered with Modal VR for VR Human Pong. My Role: We had the Human Pong experience running for …

Unity3D Script Testing and Deployment

Unity3D Script Testing and Deployment

Finally was able to deploy a sample project I created from Unity to the GearVR. Deploying to Android sounds easy, but I learned that there are …

Swimming with Sharks

Swimming with Sharks

On October 8th, along Hawaii’s North Shore, there were 3 big events I attended. One being my cousin’s wedding, the second being my older brother’s …

The Wanderlist

The Wanderlist

The list of places to wander to next and return for more… Philippines 1993, 1995, 2012 Manila, Cebu (Canyoneering in Kawasan Falls),  Samar, Bohol , Palawan, Boracay …

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