BIG SCREEN (Social VR Computing Experience)

  Melissa   Jul 29, 2017   VIDEO, video edit, VR   0 Comment

I am highly interested in social VR and our new relationships with the way we use technology to connect and share with each other. While I am impressed with Facebook Spaces and the ability to go Live, FaceTime with anyone who has Messenger on their phone, and share media on giant screens with each other in an easy “table top” format, I still found myself wanting to see profile posts and be able to surf the web… so here comes BIG SCREEN.

Big Screen is an “immersive computing experience” that allows me to use my computer while in VR with up to 3 other users. In this video, I am streaming Archer off my laptop via the Chrome Browser on full screen and placing on the BIG SCREEN in the current environment I am in. In front of my avatar, is a smaller version of that screen, which is my laptop, that I can surf the web and even pull up a digital keyboard if I needed to type. Although typing is a bit weird with the Oculus Touch controllers, it wasn’t too slow when using both hands.

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