Audience Participatory Light Painting

I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer with my friend Julie Goldsmith at the Night Light: Multimedia Garden Party at the SOMArts Cultural Center in 2012. Julie and I were set up in a backstage area where it was completely dark to provide LED lights to attendees and show them how to quickly Light Paint. The Light Painting exercise was an impromptu event, but it was quite successful.

Because our area was pretty much hidden from the rest of the event, I would head out amongst the crowd with Light Painting photo examples on my cell phone and pitch, “Hey! We’re doing Light Painting in the back area. Here is what it looks like and it’s really easy! Would you like to make one?” And once we had a few people come through, they would leave to come back with their friends and we ended up having over 60+ photos with audience participation.

Below are a few examples and you can check out the entire album from the Night Light: Multimedia Garden Party 2012 here.

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