LASER Talk at Stanford, 12-14-17

“WHERE WE ARE IN XR” (presentation updated as of 12/14/2017)

My visual 2017 interpretation of the 1994 Reality-Virtuality Continuum by Milgram, Takemura, Utsumi and Kishino.

Watch My Periscope video: Periscope Broadcast at Stanford University
Duration: 24 min 11 secs

Watch @LaserTalks Periscope Video:
Duration: The first 24 min 11 secs

Presentation includes images/video of:

AR/VR industry landscapes from The Venture Reality created by TIPATAT 
Augmented Reality – PokemonGo, Archer AR App, Microsoft HoloLens, Google Tango, Unity3D, VuForia, Google Translate AR, Heavy Projects AR Mural, Microsoft Xbox One Kinect Camera, ARKit, ARCore, Hado (
Virtual Reality – Oculus, HTC Vive, MimesysVR, VRGO Chair, Freedom Locomotion VR, Robo Recall, Echo Arena, Facebook Spaces, BigScreen, TheWaveVR, Keep Talking and Nobody Dies, Project: This Way!
XR Tech – Subpac, Ultrahaptics, Leap Motion, VAQSO VR (VR Smell), Emotiv, Neurable

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